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SmartLEVEL® RTK leveling solution

SmartLEVEL is a GPS leveling kit for Ag Leader ISOBUS GPS displays. SmartLEVEL runs on the ISOBUS VT screen using a (Glonass) RTK antenna for elevation control:

- Functionality is comparable with laser leveling but SmartLEVEL allows double roof modeling and can
optionally work with prescriptions.

- Basically one main direction is chosen and grade can be set in up to three directions.

- Three functions modes operated by joystick:
o Manual Up-Down.
o Full automatic elevation control for finalizing.
o Semi-automatic (scraper will not go below set level/grade).

- It is possible to use the tractors RTK antenna on the scraper (this will not allow autosteer while scraping).

- Provides scraping/leveling with RTK accuracy.

- Hardware exists of SmartLEVEL controller and harness.

- Control via an easy to use ISOBUS VT user interface.

- Joystick has separate connector.

- System is foreseen to implement additional foreign languages.

Download the flyer SmartLEVEL. Call for more information +31 58 257 1555.


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