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SmartPLOUGH® RTK ploughing system

SmartPLOUGH is an RTK GPS ploughing kit for Ag Leader GPS systems. SmartPLOUGH runs on the ISOBUS VT screen using the tractor RTK antenna for plough width control:
- Developed for in furrow plowing.

- or all plows with hydraulic plow width setting.

- Advantages aside operator comfort are:
o Using planting patterns and SmartPLOUGH for plowing is fundamental for more even fields,
better emerging of crops and more accurate planting!
o More consistant plow width and depth assures more level fields and prevents wet spots.
o Increases capacity and saves fuel (more even load on tractor)!
o Assures better ploughing with lower skilled driver while comfort increases.

- Function modes:
o Straight plowing towards actual AB lines
o Curved plowing towards actual AB curve
o Smooth modelling from one to the other AB line and/or AB curve
o NEW Advanced “fan” mode for triangled fields

- Hardware consists of one main controller in the tractor, connected to valve, Poti, display, 3pt hitch (up down) and reversing cylinder.

- System is allows implementation of additional foreign languages.

- Field proven system and highly appreciated by customers!

Download the flyer SmartPLOUGH. Call for more info and prices +31 58 257 1555.


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